A summer solstice meditation

Let me take you on a journey. Have you ever wondered what happens to the rays of the sun once they touch the earth?

Close your eyes then. Let us go back in time, back to when the sun was born, now six months ago at the winter solstice.

As you open your inner eyes, all you see at first is darkness. Darkness, and a tiny little seed, sleeping in the depths of the earth.

Now, become that seed. And dream. Dream of the world above, of what you will become once you are finally born. Dream, a million dreams.

And then.. the miracle happens: as a shaft of sunlight pierces through the darkness, you wake up. Or rather, your dreams awaken. And you sense how they are all racing out, to the light, searching for a rope, a ladder, a step-up that can help them grow.

And as the sun gradually grows stronger as the months progress, they grow. Some grow strong, others hit into obstacles, but, every time they are hit by a new ray of sunlight, they push on, and on, as high into the air as they can get.

At as they grow, these dreams begin to have dreams of their own. Dreams for the future, Dreams to share. And these also reach to the sun. And as the sun hits them, they catch the sunlight and store it for the future. They are the seeds of tomorrow.


And we will need them. For today marks the moment when the sun reaches her highest point. Today tells us that the time of striving for growth is over. Now begins the time of storing up light for the future. Of taking the results of our projects, finishing them, putting on the final touches, and sharing them with the world. Of harvesting ideas, so that we will be able to hatch new plans during the long winter months.

Today gives us a warning to prepare.

But first, it ask us, these coming months, to stop focusing on ourselves alone, and enjoy the light and the bounty all around us.

And so we give thanks to the sun, for bringing us to this point. And to the grains, whose journey we have just shared, and who are now ripe for us to pick. And to all the fruits and wonders that will be ours to collect this coming summer.

And now I will ask you to take a moment to reflect: what is it that you want to harvest this summer? What is it that you have to share?

The World Tree and the Maypole: a Creation Myth.

In the beginning, there was nothing but empty space. Nothing, but a single drop of pure Awen. 

And the drop brought forth a dream, and that dream became the first seed. As the seed hatched, the first tree was born. The tree that would become known as the World Tree.

And the drop of Awen became a well, so that the tree could drink of it. And as the tree drank, it began to grow. And behold, it began to have dreams of its own. And as these dreams took shape, they became the first leaves of the tree.

And as the leaves grew, they became aware of their surroundings, and as they became curious, together they dreamt up the sun, so that there would be light. And they found that the light of the sun nourished them, and allowed them to grow even more. 

As the rays of the sun reflected on the pool, the world began to sing with awen. 

world tree

Now, the tree produced flowers, so that it would be able to better hear the song. And thus it was that, out of the union between the flowers and the song, the tree grew fruits, which carried the seeds of the tree.

Then the tree dreamed the first animals, so that they could eat the fruits and carry the seeds further away, so that new trees and plants could grow from them, and the area around the tree would become the first forest.

And the world tree loved them all, so much so that once a year, it shed all its leaves, to share his dreams with this beautiful world. And in return, we still share our own dreams with the Tree. For when we go to sleep, we return to our source, and become part of the Tree again. And as it feeds on our dreams and experiences, it becomes ever bigger and more beautiful…

And do you sometimes wonder about the nature of the gods? Well, maybe they are simply the dryad companions of the Word Tree, sent out into the world to help it curate its dreams, and to keep reminding us all of just how interconnected we are.

So, once a year, as we gather around our maypoles, let us be reminded of this. As we dance and see our strings intertwine, we are feeding the World Tree. And in coming together as a community, we are creating the seeds of the next generations.


Together, let us dream a more beautiful world. For all of us, whether we are human, animal, plant or tree, together we ARE the world tree. May we dream of love, and share the beauty of diversity.